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NFT Virtual Summit (full audio)

Episode Summary

A virtual summit, hosted by a16z and the Stanford Center for Blockchain Research, with the best NFT builders and thinkers discussing the latest trends in NFTs, insights and use cases, social and monetization impacts, and the future of NFTs in the crypto market.

Episode Notes

For videos of the NFT Virtual Summit, visit a16z.com

Session 1: The Future of the Digital Ownership Economy with Dan Boneh (Stanford University) and Chris Dixon (a16z)

Session 2: The New Creative Economy with Kayvon Tehranian (Foundation Labs)

Session 3: NBA Top Shot and Other NFTs on the Flow Blockchain with Dan Boney (Stanford University) and Dieter Shirley (Dapper Labs)

Session 4: Going Beyond Collectibles and The Future of Tokens for Creators with Kevin Chou (Rally) and Chris Dixon (a16z)

Session 5: NFT Use Cases Today and Tomorrow with Devin Finzer (OpenSea) and Katie Haun (a16z)

Session 6: The Accidental Art DAO with pplpleasr (digital artist)

pplpleasr's NFT "Apes Together Strong" that was auctioned as part of The NFT Summit serves as the artwork for this podcast.