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My First 16: Launching a New Category with Modern Treasury's Dimitri Dadiomov

Episode Summary

Our new podcast series My First 16 features interviews with founders and CEOs of fintech companies about how they acquired their initial customers and the hard lessons they learned along the way. In this episode, a16z partner Seema Amble talks with Dimitri Dadiomov, the co-founder and CEO of payment operations platform Modern Treasury, about the challenges of creating a new category, hiring for marketing before you hire for sales, and why developing new features is similar to birding.

Episode Notes

0:00 - 1:20 Intro

1:20 - 8:55 The founding of Modern Treasury

8:55 - 15:28 First customers

15:28 - 20:07 Building trust

20:07 - 32:00 Creating a category

32:00 - 35:28 Advice for founders/Outro