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a16z Bio + Health #18: What will it take to cure diabetes?

Episode Summary

Nearly one in seven Americans has diabetes, but our understanding of the disease has long been limited to two types (Type 1 and Type 2) with a focus on glucose and insulin. But breakthroughs in insulin delivery, glucose monitoring, stem cell therapies, and other diabetes treatments are helping to debunk misconceptions of diabetes as a lifestyle disease and evolving the ways we fight it. So, what is the current landscape of treatments? And what more will it take to cure diabetes? The a16z Bio team talks to Doug Melton (Harvard Stem Cell Institute) and Aaron Kowalski (CEO of JDRF).

Episode Notes

This is an excerpt from the a16z Bio show on Clubhouse, where we explore all the ways that biology is technology. To catch full episodes of the show, follow the a16z Club on Clubhouse.